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XXV Conference Plenary session keynote speakers

Salutatory address 


Nikolai Siniak, Rector of HEI “Private Institute of Management and Business”, Doctor in Economics, associate professor (Republic of Belarus) 


Nikolai Siniak was born on 11 September 1972 in Slonim, Grodno oblast. He graduated from Belarusian State Technological University cum laude in 1995. Upon graduation till admission to postgraduate course he worked as a design engineer at the S.M. Kirov machine-tool factory. Within 1998 to 2008 he worked at BSTU as an assistant lecturer, senior lecturer, and assistant professor of the Economics and Chemico-Forestry Complex Management Department. Since 2008 he headed the Economics and Chemico-Forestry Complex Management Department, and since 2009 till 2017 he was the Head of Production Management and Real Estate Economy Department of BSTU. Since 2017 he underwent on-the-job training and worked as an outside professor or assistant professor in Slovakia, Germany, North Macedonia, and a Vice-President on international development in Switzerland (Swiss UMEF, Geneva). Within 2019 to 2020 he occupied the position of the Dean of Network Communications Faculty at University of Information Science and Technology “St. Paul the Apostle” (UIST) (Ohrid, Republic of North Macedonia).

He is a Special Representative on real estate issues in the EU countries of the Secretary-General of the Eurasian Economic Cooperation Organization (EECO), a member of the German Society of Property Researchers and of the European Real Estate Society. Professor Siniak is the author of over 200 scientific works. His works comprise research in the realms of digital economy (Industry 4.0, Proptech 3.0 etc.), smart sustainable development, enterprise economy, real estate economy, property valuation and management. 


Salutatory address 


Gennadiy Kalionov, Executive Director of International Real Estate Association (Republic of Belarus) 


Gennadiy Kalionov is a Board member and Executive Director of International Real Estate Management Association (IREMA). He was born in 1962 in Lviv (Ukraine) and relocated to Minsk in 1965, which is his present location. Before 1993 he had been working according to his specialty as electrician and further at various foreign, commercial and financial entities in Minsk in the international economic area. 

Since 2010 he has been a Board member and Executive Director of International Real Estate Management Association (IREMA) which comprises unions and associations of managerial and service companies of Belarus, Germany, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Russia, Ukraine, Estonia as well as partner organizations dealing with housing management from Azerbaijan, Georgia, Lithuania, Moldova, North Macedonia, Uzbekistan and Switzerland. 

He participated in elaboration of a draft Housing Code of the Republic of Belarus as an invited expert. 

He is a member of Public Consulting and Expert Council under the Ministry of Housing and Communal Services of the Republic of Belarus, a professor of education program for joint housing real estate managers at “Zhylcom” centre. 

As a housing management expert he was invited to provide consulting services to UNECE, UNDP, representation office of the World Bank in Belarus, and Eastern Committee of German Economy to arrange and conduct sociological survey among housing owners in Belarus.

He ran international projects in Belarus on development of urban housing associations of real estate proprietors, participated as an expert in the European Union projects on managing housing in Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Ukraine, and Uzbekistan. He is the author and co-author of publications on housing management in Belarus, Germany, and Kazakhstan.


Digital Transformation – a fundamental change or a fancy term?


Prof. Ninoslav Marina - rector of the University of Information Science and Technology (UIST) in Ohrid (North Macedonia)


Prof. Ninoslav Marina has been Rector of the University of Information Science and Technology (UIST) in Ohrid since 2012. He was President of the Rector’s Conference of the public universities in the Republic of Macedonia (2015-2018). Dr. Marina graduated at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering Skopje in 1998 and obtained his Ph.D. degree at École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) in 2004. In partnership with Nokia Research Centre in Helsinki, his thesis was in information theory with application to wireless communications. Ninoslav Marina was Director of R&D at Sowoon Technologies (2005 – 2007), visiting scholar at University of Hawaii at Manoa in Honolulu (2007 – 2008), postdoctoral researcher at University of Oslo (2008 – 2009) and postdoctoral Marie Curie Fellow at Princeton University (2009 – 2012). Prof. Marina co-authored more than 100 scientific papers, books and popular texts and has been a guest professor at more than twenty universities in countries including United States, Japan, United Kingdom, Italy, Israel, Russia, Brazil, China, Hong Kong, Norway, Finland, Indonesia, Malaysia, Morocco, Portugal, Azerbaijan and the Czech Republic. Dr. Marina is a Senior Member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), and is one of the co-founders of the Macedonian Chapter of the IEEE Information Theory Society. He is an Associate Editor of Telkomnika Indonesia and was also Technical Program Committee Chair of the International Congress on Ultra Modern Telecommunications and Control Systems (ICUMT). In 2015, Prof. Marina was a panel member at the United Nations General Assembly informal interactive consultations on the World Summit on the Information Society in New York. 


Economy of Belarus under Conditions of Ideal Storm


Julia Medvedeva, Director of State Scientific Institution “Scientific Research Economic Institute of the Ministry of Economy of the Republic Belarus, Doctor in Economics (Republic of Belarus) 


Julia Medvedeva is the Director of State Scientific Institution “Scientific Research Economic Institute of the Ministry of Economy of the Republic Belarus, Doctor in Economics (Republic of Belarus).

In 2000 she graduated from the Economic Faculty of Vitebsk State Technological University (Vitebsk). In 2010 she protected the PhD thesis at Belarusian State Economic University (Minsk).  Since 2011 she has worked at the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Belarus in various managerial positions, took part in the work on upgrading the legislation in the field of regulating state sector of economy of the Republic of Belarus, developing integrated structures, corporate management, improving state administration structure, developing industrial policies etc. She is the author of over 60 scientific works. 

She is a member of Inter-departmental commission on economic security under the Security Council of the Republic of Belarus, a member of scientific and consulting council under the Presidium of the National Assembly of the Republic of Belarus, a member of the Board of the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Belarus,  a member of Inter-departmental work team on preparation of the draft Program of social  and economic development of the Republic of Belarus for 2021-2025, and a member of a sectoral group on economic issues of the Sustainable Development Council.  

The area of scientific research by Julia Medvedeva comprises theory and methodology of management in social and economic systems, state administration, structural reforms, state assets management policies, integrated structures management, corporate management and other managerial aspects. 


Self-regulating Organizations: Theoretical and Practical Aspects 


Svietlana Yurenia, Chair of Association of Estimation Entities (Republic of Belarus)


Svietlana Yurenia was born in Minsk. In 1995 she graduated from Belarusian State Polytechnic Academy (engineer-builder qualification). In 2007 she graduated from Belarusian Law Institute on specialty “Jurisprudence”. In 2018 she graduated from MA course of Belarusian National Technical Institute. Within 1999 - 2016 she occupied different positions at State Registration and Land Cadastre Agency.

            She is a member of Expert Consulting Council on Estimation Activities under the State Property Committee of the Republic of Belarus. 

She is a member of Commission on assessment of applicants for obtaining an estimator assessment certificate, prolongation of validity period of an estimator assessment certificate under the State Property Committee of the Republic of Belarus. 

She is a Secretary of Sectoral Qualification and Estimation Activities Council under the State Property Committee of the Republic of Belarus. 

She is a member of Public Consulting (expert) Council on entrepreneurship development under the State Property Committee of the Republic of Belarus. 

She is the Chair of Association of Estimation Entities (Republic of Belarus). 



Development of Organizational Structures of State Administration in IT Society 


Aleksander Ivanovsky, Doctor in Technical Sciences, professor (Republic of Belarus) 


Aleksander Ivanovsky was born on 19 May 1951 in Vitebsk. In 1973 he graduated from Minsk Higher Engineering Antiaircraft Rocket School. In 1980 he graduated from MA course and in 1988 from doctoral course at Minsk HEARS. 

He is a full member of Academy of Military Sciences of the Russian Federation and specialist in managing technical and socioeconomic systems.  His scientific research is in the field of development of theoretical foundations and practical consulting on increasing efficiency of technical and organization managerial systems. He is a Doctor in Technical Sciences (1990) and Professor (1992). He is a member of Expert Council of the Higher Assessment Commission of the Republic of Belarus (since 1994), Deputy Chair of Expert Council of the Higher Assessment Commission of the Republic of Belarus (since 2004), full member and Deputy Chair of Belarusian Management Association (since 1994). 

He was awarded the title of the USSR Inventor and was the author of 20 inventions. Further he published over 200 research works and made 15 more inventions. The major scientific works are “Discrete managerial systems with casual quantization period (1986); “Foundation of robotics” (1988); “Decision making in business” (2004); “Business Mission of University. International Seminar under project of TEMPUS. Business School of Greenwich University. London” (2002); “Methodology of transferring regulations of corporate management in social partnership technique” (2003).


Education is the follower of leadership

Prof. Dr Djawed Sangdel –  the president of Swiss UMEF University (Geneva, Switzerland)

Prof. Dr Djawed Sangdel is the president of Swiss UMEF University, Geneva Switzerland and teaches leadership, negotiation and entrepreneurship. In his words: “No society can attain greatness unless the people identify their national interest with a unified ideology. Today’s great nations are those that choose their own future and fortune, and the success of a nation lies in the knowledge and vision of its intellectual leaders.” 

Prof. Dr Sangdel enjoys working in highly complex environments, achieving success by developing practical solutions, specifically in the area of entrepreneurship. As founder of Dunya University, Prof. Dr Sangdel has introduced a TV educational package (Dunya At Your Home) into academic programmes. This package, engineered by Prof. Dr Sangdel, allows every citizen of Afghanistan and beyond to gain access to education at a very affordable cost. This means those living in the remotest areas of the country can access the programme that contain all teaching materials including videos, audios and texts, through television, and with or without internet.

            In the various countries he has been active, and in which he has implemented this idea, such as in Senegal, Afghanistan, Kosovo, Burkina Faso, Niger, North Macedonia, Mali, Côte d’Ivoire, and Armenia. Prof. Dr Sangdel has received high acclaim from the local authorities, including from Presidents and Ministers. He has visited more than 128 countries in the world; and speaks six languages: French, English, Russian, Dari (Afghan), Pashto (Afghan), Spanish and Hindi.


Platform Economy



Sergei  Shavrov, a full member of the National Technical Committee on Standardization “Digital Transformation” (Republic of Belarus) 


Sergei Shavrov was born in Minsk on 22 October 1946. He graduated from Minsk Institute of Radio Engineering (MIRE), Automation and Computer Engineering Faculty, in 1968. He is qualified as engineer and system designer and has the academic degree of PhD in Technical Sciences. 

Within 1991 to 1996 he held the post of the Director General of “Esma” Ltd. In 1996 he occupied a managerial position in the World Bank project in Belarus called “Supporting development of the system of registering rights for real estate and cadastre of the Republic of Belarus. 28802-BY”. Within 1998 to 2009 he worked as the Director General of the State Unitary Enterprise “National Cadastre Agency”. Within 2008 to 2012 he was the Board member of the working team on land administration of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE). Since 2011 he has worked as an assistant professor of Belarusian State Technological University. 

He is on the Board of the Public association “Land Reform”, a member of FIG Commission “Cadastre and Real Estate Management”, a member of editorial boards of the journals “Zemlia Belarusi” and “Vestnik Sviazi”, a full member of the National Technical Committee on Standardization “Digital Transformation”, the Head of Expert Body under the Board of Company Union on real estate reengineering, and the Country expert of International Property Taxation Institute (IPTI, Canada).

Sergei Shavrov owns 5 invention patents and is the author of over 150 scientific research works. 


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