Частный институт управления и предпринимательства


Институт Управления и Предпринимательства

Let's learn Russian!

Private Institute of Management and Business invites foreign citizens 

to learn the Russian language 


Training programs we are offering



Total number of hours 

Number of hours a week 

Number of study days a week 

Cost of training except for accommodation cost, 


Cost of training including accommodation cost, 





















Cost of training comprises learning materials, software, hardware, Internet, and Wi-Fi. Tuition is to be paid half a year in advance no later than 2 weeks before the start of classes.
The duration of all training programs is 1 academic year (10 months).
The education form is internal (day time or evening classes options are subject to adjustment with learners).
Dormitory accommodation is provided for 12 months (alternatively, learners can take care of their residence by themselves).
A group starts training procedures as soon as 6 people are enrolled. The total quantity of group learners does not exceed 10 people.
To be enrolled on the Russian language course a foreign national shall submit these documents:
1. An application addressed to the Head of the higher education institution (to be executed at the institute).
2. A copy of an ID document attested in accordance with established procedure. 
An ID document shall be submitted personally. In case the documents are submitted by an entrant’s proxy acting on behalf of an entrant on the basis of a proxy card, this person shall submit his or her ID document, a copy of an entrant’s ID document, and a proxy card certified by a notary or an authorized official. 
3. A medical health certificate as well as a certificate confirming that an entrant is HIV negative. These certificates shall be issued by an official health care body of an entrant’s native country.
4. A copy of birth certificate.
5. A copy of compulsory medical insurance contract executed in conformity with the legislation of the Republic of Belarus.
The above listed documents drawn up in a foreign language shall be accompanied by their notarized translation into Russian. 
6. 4 photographs size 3х4.
7. An inference of a medical consulting commission issued by a territorial health care body of the Republic of Belarus (after passing a compulsory medical examination an entrant is sent to by the institute). 
The institute issues an invitation to foreign citizens for their education in the Republic of Belarus. The procedures of obtaining the invitation are detailed
In order to be enrolled for training it is necessary to send an application to the email address pimb.minsk@gmail.com and attach scanned documents 1-5 and your photo in whatever format.
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