Private Institute of Management and BUSINESS
We implement innovative approaches in education!
Rector of the Institute - Nikolai Sinyak
December 17, 2021
In our Institute
Teachers and students create new opportunities for personal growth and development of their potential, ideas and projects.
A unique approach to education
By creating a new approach, we help students not only pursue higher education in economics and law, but also develop their own world-changing ideas.
Our students
They are already starting to form their own clubs and create world-changing projects in them.
We help each student develop technologies in FinTech, EdTech, BioTech, RegTech and so on.
Our mission is to create the first institute in Belarus to develop high-tech companies with 10X growth potential, and to guide the leaders of such projects to successfully implement their products.


together with us the future, and we'll help you with it!

Our contacts
If you have any questions, email us and we'll get back to you shortly!
+375 (17) 369-75-80
Slavinskogo 1/3, Minsk, Republic of Belarus